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Pal Waaktaar

‘Pal Waaktaar’ June 2002

To make such a linery of a face, it can sometimes be hard if you can not find a good photograph. Pal Waaktaar isn’t shot on photos af frequently as Morten Harket and even less than Magne Furuholmen. So it was very hard to find a decent one to work with. Looking back the result is okay, but I remember in those days really unsatisfied.

Morten Harket

'Morten Harket' May 2002
‘Morten Harket’ May 2002

This is also from a set of three I actually finished. At the meet and greet each bandmember would get a collage of photos made by their Dutch fans. I had no photos so I made a drawing of each.

This is the first attempt of making faces into linery. At the time I liked it a lot and have been doing it for a while. If you look at my newer face linery, the style has obviously changed.