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'DanSing' Januari 2001
‘DanSing’ Januari 2003

This was an ARK I did for an intership colleague. She wanted an tattoo of a dansing girl in the shape of the letter S, the initial of her name. I have no idea if she ever put it on her body as a tattoo, but this was my design.

Tell me why
Dancing twilight, dancing bright
Chasing shadows in the night
Swept away by starry dust
Gold and silver to divine trust
Swifting circels under Sister Moon
Brother Sun will be here soon
Side by side at Father Sky
Beating heart to mother Earth
And this is why
Dancing twilight, dancing bright
Chasing shadows in the night.

Pal Waaktaar

‘Pal Waaktaar’ June 2002

To make such a linery of a face, it can sometimes be hard if you can not find a good photograph. Pal Waaktaar isn’t shot on photos af frequently as Morten Harket and even less than Magne Furuholmen. So it was very hard to find a decent one to work with. Looking back the result is okay, but I remember in those days really unsatisfied.

Morten Harket

'Morten Harket' May 2002
‘Morten Harket’ May 2002

This is also from a set of three I actually finished. At the meet and greet each bandmember would get a collage of photos made by their Dutch fans. I had no photos so I made a drawing of each.

This is the first attempt of making faces into linery. At the time I liked it a lot and have been doing it for a while. If you look at my newer face linery, the style has obviously changed.