Mental Slavery

'Mental Slavery' July 2015
‘Mental Slavery’ July 2015

The other drawing for the Lyrics video on YouTube of Mitchell Brunings. It’s a drawing from the song he’s singing “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our mind.”

Mitchell Brunings

‘Mitchell Brunings’ July 2015

I made this for a lyrics video on YouTube, together with mental slavery. The video is of a song from Mitchell Brunings. He sang at ‘The voice of Holland’. I don’t think he won, can’t imagine why. I love making Linery out of people. Maybe because of the challenge to make it a real look-a-like.  Or to express my admiration.

Smokin Into the Millenium

'Smokin Into the Millenium' May 2003
‘Smokin Into the Millenium’ May 2003

This was for the FrontPage of the forum I had with my friend.


'Chairbound' May 2003
‘Chairbound’ May 2003

Another ARK Commission. Actually also same guy. Probably couldn’t get enough of my drawings. I should work on saying no more…

Soul Diving

'Soul Diving' May 2003
‘Soul Diving’ May 2003

This was the final column I did. I do not really remember what the subject of the column was. Something about ‘uitstraling’ I think. A Dutch word I’ve never been able to translate to English/

Till this day it’s still one of my favorite drawings.

Fetish on men

'Fetish on men' April 2003
‘Fetish on men’ April 2003

I actually forgot to put a title on this one, so I just made one up while scanning. I think the Original title was more catchy. This is the last category, fetisj on action. In this illustration, bondage.

Nuno Bettencourt

'Nuno Bettencourt' March 2003
‘Nuno Bettencourt’ March 2003

The second categorie, fetisj on an person. Well, ofcourse I didn’t mean perse a certain person, eventhough I’ve drawn Nuno Bettencourt here. The fetisj here suppose to be ‘men with long hair’.

I’m not very fond of the drawing, Nowadays I would never have been contempt with this result and redo the drawing.

Swirling Velvet

'Swirling Velvet' March 2003
‘Swirling Velvet’ March 2003

In my fetisjism log I divided the subject in three categories. The first one being: Fetisj on an object. In this illustration, certain fabrics like velvet or silk.


'Scarfbound' February 2003
‘Scarfbound’ February 2003

This was a commissioned ARK. Some one who read the sexlog and liked my drawings.


'Fetisjisme' February 2003
‘Fetisjisme’ February 2003

For a while I had this kinda forum with a friend of mine, where I did some sexblogs. I wrote a few columns and drew some illustrations with them. This column was about what Fetisjisme is.